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Am I Too Old for Shaun T’s Insanity?

Am I too old for Shaun T’s Insanity? Well this is a loaded question and I am sure you will get 5 different answers if you ask 5 different people. If you ask me I am going to say that I don’t think you are too old to do anything you put your mind to. yes, I know I am only 39 years old and I am really hoping that my attitude does not change when i am 79.  The one caveat I would like to include would be to go and see your doctor and get a physical and the green light before starting Insanity. Insanity is definitely extreme cardio and will definitely get your heart pumping.  On that note, if you want to get in some awesome cardio shape then Insanity is for you. All you need is “you” and the will power to get through these work outs for the next 60 days. Yes, I did Insanity and I am 39 but take a look at Teresa’s story below and see what a little determination will get you. Keep in mind she was 50 when she did her first round of Insanity. Yes the big 5-0. Whether you think you CAN or you CAN’T, you are usually right. Don’t let a little thing like someone saying “Insanity is too hard” stop you. So are you too old for Shaun T’s Insanity????  Well, I say HELL NO!!!

Does Insanity Work for Fat People?

ShaunT Insanity Does Shaun T’s Insanity work for fat people?

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Fat, skinny, short or tall, you better be in some kind of shape before you even think about starting Insanity.  The Insanity workout is an extreme cardio workout and it will be leaving you dripping in a pool of your own sweat after every workout.  Some of these workouts could potentially burn as much as a thousand calories depending on your intensity.  That is the key with these workouts, you have to “Dig Deep” and push on and continue through.

Will Insanity work for you if you are fat? Of course it will but you have to be able to do the workouts.  If you are having a hard time climbing a flight of stares then Insanity is not the place to start for you. There are other Beachbody workouts you should be considering.  Here is a free workout with Tony Horton which is perfect for you you if your are extremely overweight and are just getting started.  This workout will get you moving and should not get you too frustrated.  Trying to do Insanity and not being able to keep up for most of the workout can be truly frustrating and that is not the best way to start off.  You would probably get discouraged and quit if you were always on the sidelines watching the workout because it was too hard or because you couldn’t catch your breath.

I would say start with Tony Horton’s free workout, grab yourself some Shakeology and replace a meal and you will be off to a fantastic start.  You could even do the Shakeology workouts that you will receive a link to when you order Shakeology.  The Shakeology workouts consist of either a 30 or 50 minute workout that you can do 4-5 times a week.  You can do these while you are working your way up to Shaun T’s Insanity.

The main thing is to select a workout you can do.  Don’t worry, if you stick with it you will be doing Insanity in no time. If you have more questions feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email and we can figure out if you are ready for Insanity.

You can also save money by combining Shakeology and Insanity together.  Check out our Beachbody Challenge page.

Shaun T Insanity Days 58 and 59

Shaun T Insanity Max Interval CircuitDays 58 and 59 with Shaun T’s Insanity are Max Cardio Conditioning with Cardio Abs and Max Interval Circuit.  I can finally say that Max Interval Circuit is getting a little more bearable.  I can get through it without complaining about it.  If you love cardio workouts then Insanity is for you.  These workouts really get your heart pumping and legs burning.

I only have 4 more workouts left and then I will be able to say that I got insane with Shaun T and completed Insanity.  The fit test is on Sunday but I will probably do it on Saturday since it is Easter Sunday.  I can’t wait to see how many globe jumps I will be able to do.  Yay!  Fun!  I also can’t wait to take a break from these intensive workouts.  My shoulders feel like they need a break.  I’ll take 6-7 day off and then I’ll be ready to hit the weights again.  I think I’m starting to miss the pull ups I was doing with P90X.  never thought I would say that since at the time I was doing them I hated those darn pull ups.  Especially the corn cob pull ups.  Well, in any event, Insanity will be in the books and I will move on to something else.  I will be doing some sort of hybrid of P90X and Insanity.  Personally I like more exercise with weights and resistance as opposed to extreme cardio but some of the Insanity workouts will fit in nicely with P90X.

Insanity Workout Day 5: Pure Cardio

Insanity Pure CardioDay 5 with Shaun T and Insanity is Pure Cardio and let me tell it should be called “You are never going to make it through this workout alive”.  (just kidding) This is probably the hardest cardio workout I have ever done.  Looking for a break during the workout?  So was I, there are no breaks.  If you can make it through this one then you are in really good shape. I had to stop a couple times.   Just imagine that you are completely worn out and at the end of your workout and now you have to do push up jacks.  Geez!  Those are hard enough when your not worn out. I love the challenge though and you will to.  Once again my legs were abused during this workout. I can’t imagine not being in decent shape prior to starting Insanity.  I don’t think I would be able to make it up the stairs very well. (lol)

I have also been eating really good these past 5 days.  I want to stress the importance of following the Insanity Nutrition Plan. If you keep eating a Big Mac every day you are not going to get your best results.  When I say nutrition plan people often here the word diet.  This is no diet by any means.  You eat 5 times a day but you are just making better choices now.  You are giving your body what it needs to fuel it.  So stick with the Nutrition plan and stick to your workouts and you will see some awesome results.

Insanity Workout Day 4: Cardio Recovery

Insanity Cardio RecoveryDay 4 with Shaun T’s Insanity is cardio recovery.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Recovery, yes.  Easy, no. I thought we might be taking it easy with this workout only to find out that my legs were going to be ran through the rinse cycle a few times.  Squats, and more squats and then hold it.  Well, I couldn’t hold it.  That was tough so now I know what I need to work on.  I thought that P90X Yoga X might have prepared me for this workout.  I guess it kind of did prepare me since I can’t even imagine how sore I would have been without the P90X workouts.  My calves and hamstrings are still a little sore and are getting even more sore just thinking about what tomorrow will bring.

If you are used to traditional weight lifting, jogging, swimming, biking or any other exercise then you will love Insanity if you are looking to mix things up. These will workouts will push you like never before.  You feel like you are right there with them working out which helps to push you even harder.  What’s nice about the Insanity workouts is you are doing things that you normally would not do.(Well at least I wouldn’t) You keep pushing yourself harder and harder and this leads to awesome results. I can already feel that my core is tighter and my legs feel like rubber so I know something is going on.  Now if I can just follow the nutrition plan to a tee I might be able to see my 6 pack at the end of this.  Or maybe I’ll just drink a 6 pack. LOL

Still not sure about Insanity?  Post a question below in the comments and I’ll do my best to get you an answer or maybe one of our readers has an answer for you.

Cardio Exercises: Waist Trimming Alternative

cardio-exercise Cardio exercises can trim your waist.  Through cardio-vascular activities, you can easily burn fat and thus sculpt your body to a leaner and toner physique.  Many associate cardio or aerobic exercises with just endurance.  However, this is a great way to shed off extra fat since it burns calories well.  Regular cardio exercises can give you a well toned body as well as increase you endurance.

Running is one good way to burn that extra fat in your body.  It is an excellent alternative in that practically all muscle groups are working in unison in each stride.  Moreover, the tummy is naturally tucked when you run.  Unconsciously you tighten your abdomen to a degree that is still comfortable but targets the area.  The whole midsection is activated when you do this type of exercise.  Running can be done at different paces depending on the person but it is recommended that a moderate intensity level be maintained so that you will not over-stress your body.

Walking on the other hand is a low impact cardio-vascular exercise that can also help burn fat.  Being a natural movement, walking provides less strain on the body.  An important note though, you should be brisk walking and not walking leisurely.  This is a work out, not a stroll in the park.  Likewise, it is recommended to include uphill stretches in your route.  This will increase fat burning in your body.  To add resistance, you can strap on ankle weights or carry dumbbells as you walk.

Jumping rope is also a fabulous fat burning exercise that you can do.  In just a few minutes you can burn more calories compared to just walking.  This is also an ideal exercise since you can do this in your own home.  Just like running, it utilizes almost all of your muscles.  Likewise, the abdomen and the waists are contracted as you do this activity.  It is advisable to do this exercise on soft surface to lessen the strain of jumping on the body.

Finding the right exercise to trim your waist need not be troublesome.  There are so many types of equipment and machines out in the market that simply don’t give you the desired results.  Trimming off extra fat requires cardio-vascular exercises.  Alternate these fat-burning exercises to maximize your results.  Regardless whether you’re targeting your thighs, legs, arms or even your abdomen and waist, cardio exercises are truly your best choice.

Are you up for some extreme cardio?  Check out Shaun T’s extreme cardio workout Insanity.