customize P90XCustomize P90X to meet your needs. P90X has become a phenomenon but what most people don’t know is that you can also customize P90X to meet your specific goals and there are also three different P90X plans for different results.   With the popularity of P90X comes a whole slew of celebrities doing P90X and there are also a lot of professional athletes doing P90X.  From Pink to ESPN’s Erin Andrews and from Braves’ Martin Prado to Penguins Max Talbot the list is growing by leaps and bounds for one simple reason.  P90X gets results period!

What I want to accomplish with this post is to put some great articles by Steve Edwards all in one place so you can easily navigate to them and learn how to make P90X meet your needs by customizing it.

Part I: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90X for Your Specific Goals

Part II: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90X for Skiing- How to Structure a Short Training Cycle

Part III: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90X to Gain Mass

Part IV: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90X to Lose Weight

Part V: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90X for Endurance Athletes- Get Ripped in the Off Season

Part VI: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90X for Running

Part VII: Customizing Tony Horton’s P90x for Triathlon’s

Once you read the above articles you will see just how versatile P90X can be and why it should be added to your work out regiment. There are thousands of success stories of people who’s lives have been changed by P90X.  Just do a search on youtube if you want to see what I mean. Just search for “P90X results” and you will see what P90X has done for so many.

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