The P90X exercise program has generated a quarter of a billion dollars in sales.  That’s right, $250 million dollars worth of people getting in the best shape of their lives.  I don’t know about you but that sounds like a lot to me. Can you smell opportunity?  Can you see yourself in the best shape of your life?  Can you see your financial situation changing?  All of these things are possible with the Beachbody business opportunity.  P90X is just one tool to help us all reach our goals.  As coaches we can market all of Beachbody’s products and work outs and P90X is only one of them.  At our finger tips we have Shaun T’s Insanity, Turbo Jam, Shakeology, Chalean Extreme, RevAbs, Project You: Type II, Hip Hop Abs, Ten Minute Trainer and many many more.  Not a fitness trainer? No problem. Not in the best shape of your life? No problem. Haven’t worked out in years? No problem.  Becoming a Beachbody Coach is about people helping people nothing more and nothing less.  If you can do that and enjoy it then you have found yourself a new home. Not to mention you will be getting in great shape along the way.

Branding is power in the fitness industry and P90X is well branded. It has been featured on Fox and a ton of major networks and now it is even on CNBC.  That’s right CNBC.  They even mention the coaching opportunity.  How powerful is that?  Do you think this branding will help you with growing your business?  Of course it will.

Opportunity is knocking, are you going to answer? Check out the video below and then click on the contact tab above and give me a ring or shoot me an email so you can get your questions answered.

Note: I don’t want to get you too excited but guess what happens to all of these P90X customers?  They get assigned to qualified coaches for free and you earn on all future purchases, work out DVD’s and supplements. (WOW!)

If you are ready to get started now then go to sign up to become a coach.

If you still need some more information just give me a ring, send me an email or visit Beachbody business opportunity.

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