Build a pull up bar for P90XBuild Your Own Pull Up Bar

So if you are looking to build your own pull up bar for P90X you are going to need a few things.  I built my own pull up bar when I started P90X and you can to if you choose.  It works great and I put it in the basement and it is attached to the beams down there.  I am still looking for some sort of padding to put around to make it a littler easier on the hands. Right now there is just 2 layers of hockey tape around it and it is still a little tough.

Here’s what you need. I went to Home Depot but Lowes or any hardware store will do just fine.

1 – 2×6 Piece of wood

2 – 3/4 galvanized 90 degree elbows

2 – 3/4 galvanized flanges

2 – 3/4 x 12 in black pipe(could use 18in depending on what height you need)

1 – 3/4 x 48in black pipe

8 – lag screws

10 – lag screws 1/4 x3 1/2


My total was about $42 bucks for the supplies listed above.  If you are lucky you will already have some of these things in the basement.

I attached the flanges to the 2 x 6 piece of wood which I cut down to about 4.5 ft. Attached the 12in black pipe to the 48 in black pipe with the 90 degree elbows.  Attached that to the flanges.  Then screw the wood to the beams. That’s it.  You might want to tighten up the flanges first and then attach them to the wood to keep it tight.  I actually thought about using an ace bandage to wrap the bar just to give it a little more cushion.  I have looked for the traditional padding that usually come on pull up bars but I can’t find it.

Of course you can always do it the easy way and just buy you pull up bar from Beachbody and it easy attaches about any door. I have also seen some bars that just attach right to the basement beams as well.  It is up to you which option works best for you based on how much space you have.

UPDATE: I used 2 ace bandages and wrapped the whole bar with two layers and then put some black hockey tape over that.  Perfect.  Just as good as the cushions on a traditional bar.

UPDATE 2-25-16: Just wanted to let you know that this pull up bar has held up very well for being home made and is now 6 years old.  I have also moved it 3 times to 3 different houses and installed it into the basement joists of each house.

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