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This is an awesome workout that uses some elements from Ten Minute Trainer, P90X and P90X2.  If you are in a time crunch just bust out this workout to help keep you on track.  If you are just getting started in your workout and you would like a FREE Tony Horton workout that is a little easier then check out Tony Horton’s One on One “Pay it Forward” workout”.

This Tony Horton workout is actually a great 10 minute workout.  Just hit the little square next to the “volume control” to enlarge your screen and you are off and running.  Do this workout from your phone, laptop,pc, ipad or where ever you have an internet connection. I am hoping this workout stay available for the long haul so enjoy it now why you can.

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…..and don’t forget that when you purchase from the link above you will get a FREE bonus workout with Team Minute Trainer and 2 FREE bonus workouts with P90X and P90X2. If you haven’t tried working out with Tony Horton yet I highly recommend it and yes I know from experience. P90X has put me in the best shape of my life and I continue to use P90X in my fitness regiment to this day.

TurboFire Featured on Good Morning America

TurboFire has been the number one infomercial off and on so far this year and now Chalene and some TurboFire moves are being featured on Good Morning America.  If you are looking for heart pumping moves with heart pumping music to go along with it then TurboFire is for you. TurboFire is an awesome work out.  My fiancee loves the HIIT work outs and says that TurboFire is a ton of fun and that sometimes you forget you are working out even though you are breathing heavy.


Insanity Workout Day 6: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Insanity- Plyometric Cardio CircuitIt has been a few months since I have worked out on a Saturday and I must say it did feel good.  I have been trying to limit my workouts to 5 days a week but obviously if I am doing Insanity I will have to workout out 6 days a week.  Day 6 of Shaun T’s Insanity is the plyometric cardio circuit.  I did this workout on Tuesday so I kind of knew what to expect and let me say this, knowing what was coming didn’t make it any easier.  So far, out of the Insanity workouts that I have completed, none of them are easy.  When Beachbody says this is extreme they mean it.  You do get a few 30 second breaks but that is about it.  Cardio, cardio and more cardio.

Lat night I did cheat a little bit on the nutrition plan.  We had mexican and I had to indulge in a jumbo margarita and a tecate after that.  Plus I ate a bunch of the chips.  This is only day that I squeezed in some junk so I am really not worried about it. I am pretty sure I burned most of it off today with plyometric cardio circuit.  Now today is a different story.  I might go have a few beers with my brother which usually means 12 so I just might have to squeeze something in tomorrow instead of resting.

I am not sure if I am going to keep posting daily about Insanity as the workouts do not change that much until the 5th week which is a recovery week and then they change again starting the 6th week.

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Insanity Workout Day 5: Pure Cardio

Insanity Pure CardioDay 5 with Shaun T and Insanity is Pure Cardio and let me tell it should be called “You are never going to make it through this workout alive”.  (just kidding) This is probably the hardest cardio workout I have ever done.  Looking for a break during the workout?  So was I, there are no breaks.  If you can make it through this one then you are in really good shape. I had to stop a couple times.   Just imagine that you are completely worn out and at the end of your workout and now you have to do push up jacks.  Geez!  Those are hard enough when your not worn out. I love the challenge though and you will to.  Once again my legs were abused during this workout. I can’t imagine not being in decent shape prior to starting Insanity.  I don’t think I would be able to make it up the stairs very well. (lol)

I have also been eating really good these past 5 days.  I want to stress the importance of following the Insanity Nutrition Plan. If you keep eating a Big Mac every day you are not going to get your best results.  When I say nutrition plan people often here the word diet.  This is no diet by any means.  You eat 5 times a day but you are just making better choices now.  You are giving your body what it needs to fuel it.  So stick with the Nutrition plan and stick to your workouts and you will see some awesome results.

Insanity Workout Day 4: Cardio Recovery

Insanity Cardio RecoveryDay 4 with Shaun T’s Insanity is cardio recovery.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Recovery, yes.  Easy, no. I thought we might be taking it easy with this workout only to find out that my legs were going to be ran through the rinse cycle a few times.  Squats, and more squats and then hold it.  Well, I couldn’t hold it.  That was tough so now I know what I need to work on.  I thought that P90X Yoga X might have prepared me for this workout.  I guess it kind of did prepare me since I can’t even imagine how sore I would have been without the P90X workouts.  My calves and hamstrings are still a little sore and are getting even more sore just thinking about what tomorrow will bring.

If you are used to traditional weight lifting, jogging, swimming, biking or any other exercise then you will love Insanity if you are looking to mix things up. These will workouts will push you like never before.  You feel like you are right there with them working out which helps to push you even harder.  What’s nice about the Insanity workouts is you are doing things that you normally would not do.(Well at least I wouldn’t) You keep pushing yourself harder and harder and this leads to awesome results. I can already feel that my core is tighter and my legs feel like rubber so I know something is going on.  Now if I can just follow the nutrition plan to a tee I might be able to see my 6 pack at the end of this.  Or maybe I’ll just drink a 6 pack. LOL

Still not sure about Insanity?  Post a question below in the comments and I’ll do my best to get you an answer or maybe one of our readers has an answer for you.

Insanity Workout Day 3: Cardio Power and Resistance

Insanity Cardio Power and ResistanceDay 3 with Shaun T and Insanity is Cardio Power and Resistance.  First off let me say this, Insanity doesn’t get any easier.  I have never done push ups while I am out of breath and let me tell you, being out of breath make them twice as hard.  I can drop down and probably give you 8- or 90 push ups but while doing Insanity they are really tough.  Tough in a good way.  People say to me, Jeff, why do you want to do that crazy insane workout? I say to them I love a challenge.  Why do people run marathons?  Who in there right mind would do an Ironman? We want to push ourselves.  See if there really are any limits.  You will never know if you don’t push yourself.

Insanity really makes me feel good.  My normal workouts usually do not consist of cardio that is this hard.  Even when I run it is only jogging and my heart rate doesn’t get as high. P90X plyometrics gets my heart going but not on the same level.  Insanity really gets it going.

Today I also did some extra ab exercises and did some bench pressing and curls.  I feel like I have to some weight training but I am not doing as many sets.  Just 1 set for now.  My girlfriend Christina is doing P90X and Insanity right now which is 2 tough workouts a day.  Not sure if it’s a good idea but she’s been a real trooper so far.  We will see how she feels after about the 3rd week.  I think that is when it is going to catch up with her.

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