ESPN’s Erin Andrews Does P90X

Little did I know when I wrote a post back in January about P90X and ESPN that Erin Andrews would be doing P90X.  I kind of had a feeling that the ESPN family did a lot of talking behind the scenes and as we all know when something works as well as P90X does then word travels fast. So now in addition to Erin Andrews we have Jenn Brown, Doug Gottlieb and Brock Huard who have all done P90X. Now we are just waiting on Rachel Nichols. I wonder if she is outside of that circle? I guess time will tell.

Erin says she did P90X with the ESPN guys on the road so I am wondering who will be next from the ESPN family to get results from P90X.  Here is a quote by Erin from US Magazine.

“I also did P90X [an exercise DVD set combining plyometrics, martial arts and yoga] with the ESPN guys on the road,” adds the nondieter, who has even begun indulging in desserts and regular Coke (“because it has more calories!”) to stop shrinking.

I can tell you one thing.  These people from ESPN who have done P90X all look good and look in tremendous shape.  You get results with P90X. There is no disputing that.

Brock Huard with 710 ESPN Seattle does P90X

We now have another ESPN personality and former professional football player tackling P90X.  Brock Huard of 710 ESPN Seattle is currently taking on the P90X workouts.  He is joining Jenn  Brown and Doug Gottlieb who also workout with P90X. Guys, this is no coincidence.  Maybe there is a memo going around ESPN. Maybe they know it has worked for so many others and now it is working for them.

Brock Huard was a quarter back for the Seattle Seahawks and for the Indianapolis Colts.  Do you think this guy was exposed to some awesome training and expert trainers?  Of course he was.  So he is no stranger to how to say in peak physical condition.  Brock has chosen P90X to stay in shape. The great thing about P90X is we can all do it.  If you have a pull-up bar, some dumbbells or resistance band then you can do P90X.

Here is what Brock Huard had to say about P90X:  “I’m really pleased with the nutrition plan. It’s very simple to follow and allows for real variety of proteins, carbs and enough fat content to flavor each meal.” And what about those workouts? “They are humbling, but week two has been easier than week one and I fully expect each week to build on the previous.”
Brock co-hosts the Brock and Salk show on 710 ESPN Seattle Mon-Fri 11am-3pm.

Brock Huard


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P90X and ESPN

ESPN So we have another member of the ESPN family tackling P90X.  First we had Jenn Brown Doing P90X. Now we also have Doug Gottlieb from ESPN radio doing a P90X challenge.  There is even a link to buy P90X on the The Doug Gottlieb Show web page. (Of course I want you to purchase P90X from here so I can be your coach)

What does this say about P90X?  There are so many celebrities having awesome results with P90X and they are not afraid to tell the world about it.  I know for myself  P90X has been awesome and I continue using the workouts even a year later.

Hmmmm.  Wonder if Jenn told Doug about P90X?  Hopefully with will get something in print that we can all read about Doug’s experience with P90X.  I checked around to see if he is keeping track of his listeners progress and I did not see anything on the web.  If anyone has seen anything just leave a comment and let us know or I can post an update at a later time.  Maybe ESPN just knows that P90X works great and they want all of their employees to stay in tip top shape.  I wonder who will be next from the ESPN family to do P90X?  Can anyone say Erin Andrews? Rachel Nichols?

Update 2-6-10! We can now add Brock Huard to the list of ESPN personalities and professional athletes who are doing P90X. Brock Huard does P90X.

Update 2-21-10! It’s official, we can now add Erin Andrews to the P90X list as well.

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ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown Does P90X!

ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown

ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown

Well it looks like we have another celebrity to mention when we talk about P90X results in women.  It is none other than Jenn Brown, an ESPN reporter who has recently commented about doing P90X on twitter.  Jenn Brown is a former bikini model and gymnast and is no stranger to working out hard.  She was also a softball all-star, a junior Olympic diver and a track and field “super star”. With all of these sports under her belt it is no surprise that she chose the P90X 90 day work out to keep her body in tip top shape.

Jenn Brown is also one pretty smart cookie.  Jenn achieved a full academic scholarship at the University of Florida, her home state, and walked on to the to Florida’s division 1 softball team.  She also graduated summa cum laude.

Jenn was on twitter after one of her P90X work outs and said “Just finished P90X cardio and Ab Ripper X…Wow that is an intense workout!!”

Still not convinced that P90X will improve your life and your body?  Just give it a try and you will see what everyone is talking about.  If you don’t then send it back, you have a money back guarantee.