Will P90X Get Rid of My Gut?

Will P90X get rid of my gutWill P90X get rid of my gut? Yes!  There, I said it.  How long it takes is another story.  How long did it take you to completely cover up your wash board?  How many beers and Big Macs have you eaten to get to where you are today?  I bet your gut is most likely the result of years of eating the wrong things and not doing enough exercise. (How profound)  I know I am not telling you something that you don’t already know but the the truth of the matter is hearing it hear, right now, might give you what you need to make some changes.

If you are looking to get rid of that gut, then yes, P90X will definitely help you with that. If you can complete the P90X exercise program and follow the P90X nutrition plan then you will be off to a good start. Notice I said off to a “good start”.  Keeping your waist line slim and trim and not something you can do in 90 days and then forget about it and just hope it stays that way.  I wish this were true but your gut will most likely be one of your hardest areas to keep in shape.  You can not spot train your gut and the fat in that area is usually the last to go but with consistency and good eating you will reach your goals.

Have you ever heard the saying that “abs are made in the kitchen”?  The kitchen is where most of your work (or spouse’s work- Thanks honey) will be done.  You need to have a plan in place before you start your work outs and the P90X nutrition plan is just what you need.  It will take some getting used to but you will get the best possible results by following it.  The nutrition plan can always be tweaked later depending on what your goals are but for now it will help you hit the ground running.

P90X will help you get rid of your gut but it is also about what you put into it.  If you have a gut, I challenge you to do P90X and follow the nutrition plan.  Take your before pictures and take your measurements and if after 90 days with P90X you have not lost any inches in your gut then send it back for a refund.  Does it really get any better than this?  Lose inches or your money back.  Of course you have to do your part by popping in that DVD every day,pushing play and following the nutrition plan.  Can you do it?  Are you ready?

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RevAbs and Brett Hoebel are also getting some air time.  They were both recently featured on Good Morning America showing his new 90 day program RevAbs to the world.  We will be tackling this one soon.  I have it here but I am not sure if I want to do Insanity, RevAbs or another round of P90X.  I will be starting one of these the first week of January 2010. Get a Beachbody membership and work out with me.  Make a commitment to 2010 and make it your healthiest year ever.

P90X Ab Ripper X- What to Expect!

P90X Ab Ripper X

P90X Ab Ripper X

P90X Ab Ripper X is an awesome ab and core work out that you will be doing 3 times a week after your normal work out for that day.  For example, if you just finished P90X chest and back which is almost an hour long you will be doing the Ab Ripper right after.  So on these 3 days be sure to set aside about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete your work out.

Is Ab Ripper hard?  Well, if you are new to Ab work, then yes it will be difficult for you at first.  Do what you can and if you can’t do all the reps they do it is OK.  You will be able to do it all at the end of your 90 days.  One thing I noticed right away after the second time doing Ab Ripper was that my hip flexors were really sore.  I figured my abs might be sore but when my hip flexors ended up being the most sore from this I was surprised. I guess it it one of those muscle groups that I really never focused on.  I figured since I run, that area would not be sore.  Well. I guess I was wrong.   So if you are wondering if that is normal, then I would have to say yes. Some people have asked me if they can skip the Ab Ripper. My answer to this is to follow the 90 day work out exactly as it is laid out.  It is crucial that you work your core. This is your power source where you transmit force between your upper and lower body.

Here is what p90X Ab Ripper X looks like: (remember if you can’t do 25 reps then do what you can.)

p90x-ab-ripper-smIn and Outs- 25 reps

Seated bicycles- 25 reps forward and 25 reps backward

Seated Crunchy Frog- 25 reps

Crossed Leg/Wide Leg Sit Ups- 25 reps

Fifer Scissor- 25 reps

Hip Rock and Raise- 25 reps

Pulse Ups- 25 reps

Roll Up/V-Up Combo 25 reps

Oblique V-Ups 25 reps

Leg Climbs- 12 reps each leg

Mason Twist- 40 reps

If you still have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  Just click on the contact page and my info is there.

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Back To the Basics for a Flatter Belly

woman-losing-belly-fatDon’t buy the miracle ab machine or the “scientifically proven” creams just yet.  Doing nothing seems to be a great routine to get flatter abs in no time. But before you spend your money on these too good to be true products, ask yourself these two important questions: Are you eating right?  Are you getting enough exercise?  Most people readily jump into the fad seen on TV or in the internet to try to lose belly fat.  However, they end up at the same spot where they started.

Eating right and getting the right exercise should not hit your pocket book that hard.  If you are truly committed to your goal, then start with the basics.

Eating right is an important step towards losing belly fat.  The amount of calories that you consume must be just enough to sustain your daily activities.  Anything in excess will surely go to places that you don’t want.  In this regard, it is necessary for you to watch your diet carefully.  This is not about starving yourself or refusing to indulge yourself to some of your favorite sweets, but maintaining a balanced, sensible and healthy diet.  A balanced meal will be beneficial not just for getting great abs, but being healthy as well.  Putting in some high-fiber foods will make a big difference.  In addition, eating smaller portions more often through out the day can assist you in getting toned easier.  What you eat and how you eat will help determine how healthy you are.

Next, think about the last time you exercised.  Perhaps it’s been a while.  Regular exercise, especially cardio vascular activities can help burn more calories.  By burning more calories, you can get those six pack abs easier.  Asides from doing cardio, strength training will also be needed.  This will help keep you body strong, especially your core.  A well-rounded and properly scheduled exercise routine is fundamental to getting your body in shape.  You should alternate cardio and strength training to get the most out of your exercise routines.  Likewise, give your body the time to rest.  Being active is a great way to lose belly fat and have a healthy body.

So before you decide on spending so much on gadgets and devices, think twice.  All it takes is a commitment to your goal.

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Eating Right as the Key to Flatter Abs

Megan Fox Abs

Megan Fox Abs

Eating right can give you flatter abs faster that you may think.  Don’t get hooked on the miracle machines or creams that just don’t work.  There are no quick fixes to a healthier body, more importantly there are no short cuts to getting a toned physique.  The only weapon you have is your commitment to make the necessary changes for you to have toned abs.

Before you jump into jargons and technical stuff, you’d better get down to the basics first.  Are you eating right?  The food that you consume is directly related to your health.  Likewise, it is a big factor in the amount of fat that you have in store.  To get really gorgeous abs, consider how and what you eat.

Eating is a very natural process that everyone undertakes in order to live.  Eating is a hobby for some, others it is a way of life.  However, eating healthy seems to elude most people who want to get their bodies toned.  Here are some principles about healthier eating that you should consider:

Eat more often.  As counter productive as it may seem, eating more often actually works to get your metabolic rate higher.  The important thing here is to eat smaller portions more often through out the day.  Having a higher metabolic rate will help you burn more calories.  That in turn can help reduce belly fat.

Count calories.  Calories are your fuel to do activities.  Any extra calories are stored in the body as fat.  So getting rid of that nasty-looking belly fat requires consuming only the right amount of calories.  So any excess calories from your food must be burned so you don’t run the risk of having to tuck it away somewhere.

Balanced meal.  Just because you want to lose belly fat don’t stop eating fats.  This is a big mistake.  Fats are essential part of your body’s processes. Just make sure you are eating the right fats.  In fact, your diet must include 20% – 30% fats to sustain a healthy process.  Likewise, carbohydrates, the major source of our energy must comprise 50% – 60% of your food intake.  Protein on the other hand must be around 20% – 30% as well.  Including high fiber rich foods will also help out in the body’s processes.

It is easy to overlook the most basic aspect of your life that contributes to your health.  Eating right can give you a healthier life.