Insanity: The Asylum Fit Test/Athletic Performance Assessment

Insanity- The AsylumSo I received my Insanity: The Asylum about two weeks ago but I wanted to finish up this last round of P90X before I start it. Well today was Asylum fit test day(Starting day 1 tomorrow) and the work out is called Athletic Performance Assessment.  Do you really need to take this test?  Of course you do.  This is one of the ways to track your progress and you will be able to see how you improve over the next 30 days.

Get the Insanity: The Asylum fit test and work out sheets.

I have done several rounds of P90X and a round of Insanity and have been doing a hybrid work out where I have been mixing  P90X, Insanity and some P90X One on One work outs so I think I am ready for Asylum.  After completing the Asylum fit test I have already noticed some things that I really like.  I like the fact that Shaun T decided to incorporate a ladder and a jump rope into the work outs.  I have jumped rope before but I have never done the ladder drills.  It is always fun to do something new and I know this will make me better.

If you are new to working out this will NOT be the work out to start with.  The fit test was only 25 minutes long and it wore me out.  I can only imagine what day 1 has in store for me but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Here are my results from my Insanity: Asylum fit test/Athletic performance assessment.

Agility Heisman: 9

In and Out Ab Progression: 49

Pull Ups or Push Ups (I did Pull Ups): 20

Mountain Climber Switch Kicks: 96

Agility Shoulder Taps: 5

X Jumps: 39

Moving Push Ups: 5

Agility Lateral Shuffle: 13

Agility Bear Crawl: 9

The ladder moves were new for me so I expect some improvement there once I get used to those movements. Speed an Agility tomorrow and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Final Day of Shaun T’s Insanity and Fit Test

Insanity Fit TestFinally the last day with Shaun T’s Insanity. The last day of Insanity is Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs.  I also took a little break and did my 5th and final fit test since I didn’t want to do it on Easter Sunday.  If you follow the Insanity schedule to a “T” then the fit test would actually be your last workout.  I would advise doing it the on the scheduled day so you are not worn out from the previous workouts.  You really want to have all of your energy so you can see how much you have improved in the last 60 days.

Over all I really like Insanity.  It was very different then anything I have ever done before.  It you like cardio then you will love Insanity.  You do not need anything extra, all you need is your own body weight.  I am kind of excited to mix these workouts in with my P90X routine.

Here are my results from my 5th and final fit test.  I improved on every exercise from the 4th fit test.

Switch Kicks: 78

Power Jacks: 69

Power Knees: 132

Power Jumps: 74

Globe Jumps: 15

Suicide Jumps: 26

Push-up Jacks: 50

Low Plank Obliques: 110

I feel really good, lost some more belly fat and I am in the best shape of my life at 38 years old.  Not too many people can say that.  If you are reading this you have the opportunity to say you are in the best shape of your life.

Shaun T Insanity Max Interval Circuit Day 36 with Shaun T’s Insanity is Max Interval Circuit and I had to do my 3rd fit test.  Let me tell you something, this one is the hardest so far. Maybe it is because you take your fit test before doing Max Interval Circuit and the fit test is a hard workout in itself.  We do thin one again on Friday so I will be able to tell if it is a little more bearable without the fit test.  Don’t get me wrong.  This is an awesome, challenging workout.  If you need to you can slow down, not jump as high or not go as fast. This workout is about 60 minutes which is about 10 minutes longer than the previous workouts and you can really feel those extra minutes.  They last forever. I actually thought about lifting some weights before this workout but I am glad I didn’t.  That would of left me with not enough energy to really bring the intensity with this workout.  It is later in the day now and I could could probably fit some sets in but I am going to wait since I am not sure how hard tomorrow is going to be.

Here are the results of my 3rd fit test with Shaun T’s Insanity:

Switch Kicks: 71

Power Jacks: 59

Power Knees: 122

Power Jumps: 63

Globe Jumps: 13

Suicide Jumps: 24

Push-Up Jacks: 43

Low Plank Obliques: 90

I improved in every exercise over my first Insanity fit test and second Insanity fit test except for the globe jumps which stayed the same. Those are pretty tough but I hope to get to at least 15 with those.

Shaun T Insanity- My Second Fit Test

Insanity Fit TestToday was my second fit test with Shaun T’s Insanity and I improved a little bit on each exercise.  I know this is only a test day but these darn moves will still kick your butt. The best is trying to do push-up jacks when you are already worn out and breathing heavy. (Yeah right!) I push through it though and I feel my cardio getting stronger and stronger every day.  Today I also did half of the P90X Chest and Back workout and a bunch of ab exercises.  I want to maintain my upper body strength so I still am trying to work in some weights. It’s tough but I am doing what I can.

Here are my fit test results from Insanity. (Second fit test)

Switch Kicks- 65

Power Jacks- 56

Power Knees- 118

Power Jumps- 58

Globe Jumps- 13

Suicide Jumps- 23

Push-up Jacks- 40

Low Plank Obliques- 78

I also did 35 floor wipers from the 300 Spartan Workout.  If you don’t know what those are you basically hold a 135 lb bench press and then lift your legs to the left and down and then to the right and down.(Kind of up towards the weights on the barbell) I am a big fan of mixing it up.  When you do this it really keeps things fun. Over this past year I have found myself accumulating more and more workout videos which is a great way to keep it fun and fresh.  You can mix and match your workouts to suit your personal needs.  This is coming from a person who has never done a workout DVD ever until last year when I started P90X.  I have always lifted and ran but that was my first workout DVD.  Now I love it.

Insanity Workout Day 1- Fit Test

Insanity Fit TestSo after 90 days of the P90X workout and then continuing my workouts with some weight training and some P90X, I have decided to go ahead and do Shaun T’s Insanity. They believe it is the most intense workouts ever put on DVD.  Sounds good to me. Let’s do this. I am going to try and fit in some sets of weight training while I go through these rigorous workouts but I’m not sure how that is going to go.  I have heard a few comments that when some people have done this after P90X they felt they have lost a little strength in some of the muscles they were not using as much. Namely those darn pull-ups with P90X have been pretty much eliminated. All you need to do Insanity is a strong will to complete the workouts, a DVD player or laptop and some good cross trainer shoes. You also might want to have a towel handy to wipe up all of your sweat.

My goals here are pretty simple. I just want to challenge myself.  I do not want to lose any more weight so I am going to have to eat a ton.  If I can lose a little more fat around my belly area I would be happy but overall I am really happy with my P90X results and just looking to get in so more cardio.  After I finish this 60 days, the goal is to put together an Insanity/P90X hybrid workout.

So was day one with Insanity hard?  Yes, it was, and it’s the shortest video of the bunch. Insanity definitely is not for the beginner so be sure you have some sort of fitness base before trying to tackle Insanity.  Lucky for me I was doing 2 days of P90X plyometrics or P90X core synergistics and the rest of the week was weight training. So this kind of prepared me for the adventure ahead.  I had my workouts down to 5 days and I rest on Sat and Sun.  Now with Insanity I will be back to 6 days again.  That’s OK, I’m looking forward to the challenge.  The goal when I come up with the hybrid workout is to keep it to 5 days.  I hope I can do it but that won’t be for 59 days down the road.

Here are my results from my Insanity Fit Test Day 1:

Switch Kicks: 59

Power Jacks: 55

Power Knees: 100

Power Jumps: 40

Globe Jumps: 12

Suicide Jumps: 19

Push-Up Jacks: 33  (These are tough)

Low Plank Oblique: 60

It is always recommended to take before pictures so you can track your progress.  So here are my Insanity before pictures. If you are not sure of the best way to take your pictures you should check out how to take your before and after pictures prior to starting your new workout.

Insanity Results Pictures Side

Insanity Results Pictures Day 1

Insanity Results Pictures Day 1 Back

My Starting weight is 168. Let’s get insane with Insanity.