More P90X (Fitness) Motivation

P90X Motivation.  We all need some motivation from time to time. Life happens, things get in the way, there always new hurdles to jump and we have to keep pressing on. Below is a video that gets me going. When I say gets me going, I mean in everything. It inspires my work outs, my business and my life. Hopefully it will do the same for you.  The bottom line is when your “reason why” is strong enough then you will succeed. When your reason for getting in shape is strong enough then you will succeed. For some people that takes a visit to the doctors office and receiving bad news.  For others it simply takes just looking at their kids and saying to themselves “I plan to be here for them as long as possible and I will do everything in my power to accomplish that.”  Why??? Ask yourself this question.  Business, fitness, health, life. Let’s make it happen.  If you need some extra accountability feel free to send me and email to ask when my next Beachbbody Challenge group is starting.  This way you will be teamed up with at least 4 others, have access to me, private facebook group for questions and inspiration and you will all be doing the same program and have the same hurdles to jump. Your Beachbody program will fill in the other blanks. ie. What work out to do, when to do it and what to eat.

P90X Goal Setting- What are Your Goals When Starting P90X?

P90X Goal SettingP90X goal setting and why it’s important.  Actually, it doesn’t matter what work out regiment you are about the start because the same rules apply.  You have to set some goals but even before you set your goals you have to realize where you are starting from.  Just stepping on the scale will not cut it and the scale is not a very good way to measure your progress. It is a way to measure some progress depending on your goals but it is not the only way.

First thing you have to do is take your before pictures.  In case you missed it here is how to take your before and after pictures before P90X. Next, you have to take your measurements.  Here is how to take your measurements before starting P90X.  Once you have done these two things you will know where you are starting and you will be able to see it in pictures and in inches.

Now you can set some realistic goals.  If this is your first round of P90X a realistic goal just might be to finish the program period.  Excellent goal and it is a tough one.  Maybe your goal is to stick to the P90X nutrition plan for the full 90 days of P90X. This is also a tough goal.  Maybe you would like to lose some inches in your waist, arms or thighs?  Maybe you want to gain some mass with P90X? Maybe you just want to lose some weight with P90X?

If some of these goals sound good to you then you are off on the right foot because you have took the step to set some goals.  Writing down your goals will also help so you can look at them when you need to. Believe it or not but looking at your goals on paper is a great motivator.

You should also have some shorter term goals while you are working out.  For example, 30lbs and 8 reps or 35 lbs and 10 reps.  30 push ups or 45 push ups.  You get the idea.  Since you will be writing all of this down on your P90X work out sheets it will be easy to up your goals the following week and then again the next week.

Doing all of the above things will set you up for success with your P90X work outs and P90X will set you up to be fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

So let’s recap.

1. Take your before pictures.

2. Take your before measurements.

3. Set your goals. (Long and short term)

4. Get started!

How Do You Start Your Day? Simple P90X Advice.

Someone once said that the worst vice was “advice” but I seen this video and I couldn’t resist writing a little post about starting your day.  What you say and what you think about when you wake up in the morning can determine how your whole day is going to go.  Positive affirmations can help you in all walks of life and especially when it comes to your work outs.  When you wake up in the morning get excited about your P90X work outs.  Whether you are doing them right away or later in the day, being positive about your P90X work outs will help you achieve the results you are looking for.  If you say to yourself that you don’t want to do these darned work outs or you really don’t feel like doing them then what do you think the results are going to be? Exactly, a half ass work out.  If you say you can’t wait to “Bring It” and you feel good and you are seeing great results then you are sure to have a great work out.  This all adds up at the end of the day.  Stay positive, stay focused and you will get to where you want to be. In fitness and in life.

Stop Making Excuses Not to Exercise

No ExcusesStop making excuses and start your exercise program today.  Make the commitment and “Just Do It”. Well Jeff, I don’t have any time.  Come on now, you can’t find and hour in your busy day to fit a work out in?  I bet you could. I bet you can find 10 minutes.  If that is all you have then pick up Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer. This work will get you going and then you will soon find that exercise is addictive.  You will be feeling more energetic, sleeping better, eating better and just have more energy over all in your life.

Below are some exercise excuse busters to help get you going on that new work out program.

Don’t know how to get started? Watch this video.

Don’t think you have the time? Watch this video.

Think you are too over weight? Watch this video.

Think you are too old? Watch this video.

P90X Motivation | P90X Inspiration

P90X MotivationP90X motivation.  P90X inspiration. Work out motivation. Do you need it?  Yes you do and you have to do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated during your P90X work out.  You could have the best work out equipment or belong to the best gym in the world but without the proper motivation none of these things will help you reach your fitness goals.  You need to make the decision to get fit, commit to your goals and then you will succeed but in the mean time you need to make sure you keep yourself motivated.  With out it nothing else really matters.

The first time I did P90X I said to myself I am committing for 90 days and that is it. Nothing is going to get in the way of me and my daily P90X work out.  I committed to the P90X nutrition plan 90% and I stuck with it the whole way through.  I missed one work out, P90X Kenpo X, in 90 days because we were in Biloxi on vacation but we still ran that day in 90 degree humid, hot weather. Now, more than a year later I still find myself following the nutrition plan and doing the P90X work outs. It is just a habit with me now.  Like brushing my teeth.  I “Just Do It”. I seen some really good results with P90X so now I want to see if I can improve on those results and get to about 9-10% body fat.

What kept me going?  Well for me the word quit is not really something I can consider.  Then I said to myself it is only an hour to 1 1/2 a day.  Piece of cake.  Then I seen my 30 results pictures and couldn’t wait to get to day 60 and then day 90.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you stay motivated and keep you motivated/inspired.

If you can, work out with some one or find yourself a work out buddy.  Christina and I did P90X together the first time so we kept each other in check. If you need a buddy just go get a free Team Beachbody account and I’ll be your online work out buddy.

Take before pictures.  This is a must.  Once you see the changes you will definitely want more.

Make the commitment. (You know what this means)

Keep track of your work outs.  Write everything down so you can see where you are improving and what could use some improvement.  The P90X work out sheets can take care of this and you can get them in the download section off to the right. Just look for work out sheets/downloads.

Sign up for my newsletter up top.  This will help get you going as well.

Make working out a habit in your life and your body will love you for it.

Check out Cammie’s story below for a  little P90X inspiration.

Stick and Stay, and You’ll Get Your Pay | Beachbody Coach

Another great article by Larry Zimberg, National Game Plan Director.


–verb (used without object)

1. to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, especially in spite of opposition.

OK, Coaches, we’ve reached the last article in the System Series. I’ve truly enjoyed being able to share information with you over the past several months, which I hope has benefited you and your business. Having said that, nothing we’ve discussed will have much of an impact to you if you’re not committed to being here a year from now. In other words, it’s hard to win the race if you’re not in it.

What makes network marketing work is a dedication to keep working until you make it work. It’s committing to following the core principles of this business and doing them over and over and over again with consistency and persistency until the compound effect kicks in.

If you had a goal of one day being able to run a marathon, it wouldn’t happen by you stepping out your door and on your first day running 26 miles. It would happen by you starting with a mile or two, and, with a consistent steady effort over time, reaching your goal.

The same is true in business. As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And neither was any successful business. In fact, with most franchises, you’d work for years just to get to the point of breaking even. What’s required, at minimum, is a one-year plan and a commitment to following that plan, in order to succeed. It takes time, dedication, and work. So, have you set realistic goals and expectations for yourself to succeed in this business?

The reality is that it will take time to build a large organization. It takes time to build a business—any business. MLM is no different in this regard. It takes time to sort through the explorers, find good people, and teach them what they need to know.

However, if you are consistent with your efforts, work effectively by following the Game Plan, and duplicate your efforts by teaching your team to do the same, you will see a consistent rate of growth. It won’t happen overnight, because that’s just not the way life works, but as long as you keep working at it, your income will eventually build to the level you want.

The problem is most people don’t do this. Most people who get into an MLM give it a halfhearted try, then they give up the first time they get a “no” and complain that “it doesn’t work.” This is where the vast majority of “MLM failures” come from. But it does work. Team Beachbody® works if you work the Game Plan and Team Beachbody! And only the ones who are determined to stick it out, put in the effort, and actually DO what it takes to succeed will end up on top.

That’s how it happened for me. Starting out, I didn’t break any records. Despite an already full work schedule, I just committed to doing the little things every day and being consistent with my business. As the months passed, leverage started working for me, and in 14 months my part-time income matched my full-time income, and I had my FREEDOM!

That’s what I was after. I desperately wanted my freedom. It didn’t matter to me if others quit. It had nothing to do with my dreams, my goals. I wanted a better quality of life, to come and go as I please, eat lunch when I felt like it, and not have to ask three weeks in advance for a day off.

What are you after? What’s your WHY? And are you willing to devote some time and dedication to making it happen? Make sure it’s very clear to you. Having a big WHY will do more for your business than anything else. Your reasons to succeed have to be stronger than your reasons to quit. If they are, then just keep plugging away. You’re going to figure this thing out. There are many Coaches here who are successfully building a rock-solid business and enjoying the freedom that goes along with it. And you can do it, too!

Just remember that the only way you’ll build a team of dedicated, productive, and committed Coaches . . . is to be one! If you want your team to be doing two exposures a day, it starts with your two a day. If you want your Coaches to commit to going to Summit, then you have to book your flight first! And if you want to have a chance of growing a team that follows the Game Plan and will be here a year from now, you have to be here a year from now!

Your success depends on you. It’s your business, your dreams, your future. So make a commitment for the next 12 months to following the Game Plan, and really apply and be consistent with everything you’ve learned from this series. Do the exposures, attend the events, develop your body and mind, and you will find success. Make the commitment to be here a year from now, and know that if you stick and stay, you’ll get your pay!

Become a Beachbody coach now!

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