Monica’s P90X Transformation and Results

Monica says she worked out prior to the babies and was always fit but she says that she was never P90X fit. I find that this is very common among people who do P90X.  P90X takes you to a whole different level for 99% of the people out there.  It has for me as well.  I had always worked out but never like this. Now I am in the best shape of my life just like Monica thanks to P90X.  Monica used to make excuses after the babies and all of her muscle tone had pretty much turned to mush. Then she found Tony Horton and P90X and she says that working out with Tony will change the way you think about working out. P90X has made Monica’s whole life better and now at 38 and with 3 kids she is in the best shape of her life and it shows. Monica says that if you are on the fence about doing P90X just go for it and do it.

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P90X- What Kind of Results Can I Expect from P90X?

P90X ResultsP90X! What kind of results can I expect from P90X?  I often get this question from people who are looking to try the P90X exercise program and have probably seen some awesome results videos, pictures or the infomercial.  This is kind of a loaded question and the answer will vary from person to person. I do not want this to sound like a cop out but this is the truth.  If you are 80 pounds over weight or in the peak physical condition you are going to get different results.  If you are 80 pounds over weight you will most likely have to do modified moves and work your way up from there.  You might not be able to do 1 pull up or very many push ups but you will be doing them at the end of your 90 days.  If you are already in great shape you will still get some very noticeable results with this full body work out.  You will work every muscle group in your body and then some.

P90X is not a weight loss program per se but most users do lose weight and some more than others.  Where you end up after 90 days with P90X has a lot to do with where you start, how closely you follow the P90X nutrition plan and what kind of intensity your are bringing when you do you work out.  If you just go through the motions and don’t push yourself very hard then you will still get results just not the best results.  If you do not follow the eating plan, you will still get results just not the best results. Getting in great shape is not just something that you throw together in 90 days and then you are set for life.  Rather, P90X is something you do to hopefully make some changes for the rest of your life.

P90X has put me in the best shape of my life at 39 years old.  P90X is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.  Have you ever committed to something for 90 days and stuck with it?  If not, then this is your chance for you to prove something to yourself and to the world.

Best of all, if for some reason you are not happy,  just send back your P90X for a refund.  Beachbody guarantees all of their work out DVD’s and nutritional supplements.

– Note: If you purchase a pirated P90X copy do not try and get a refund from Beachbody.

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ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown Does P90X!

ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown

ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown

Well it looks like we have another celebrity to mention when we talk about P90X results in women.  It is none other than Jenn Brown, an ESPN reporter who has recently commented about doing P90X on twitter.  Jenn Brown is a former bikini model and gymnast and is no stranger to working out hard.  She was also a softball all-star, a junior Olympic diver and a track and field “super star”. With all of these sports under her belt it is no surprise that she chose the P90X 90 day work out to keep her body in tip top shape.

Jenn Brown is also one pretty smart cookie.  Jenn achieved a full academic scholarship at the University of Florida, her home state, and walked on to the to Florida’s division 1 softball team.  She also graduated summa cum laude.

Jenn was on twitter after one of her P90X work outs and said “Just finished P90X cardio and Ab Ripper X…Wow that is an intense workout!!”

Still not convinced that P90X will improve your life and your body?  Just give it a try and you will see what everyone is talking about.  If you don’t then send it back, you have a money back guarantee.



Pink Rocks Out with P90X!


Pink Rocks Out with P90X!

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Another top celebrity is doing P90X. Pink talks about her experience with P90X in the Jan 2010 issue of  Women’s Health Magazine where she appeared on the cover.  Again, it is no surprise to find these celebrities doing P90X because you get results. Plain and simple.  These are not paid endorsements or commercials.  This is just one person telling another what they do to stay in shape.  Pink just so happened to join over a million others who do P90X.  Another great example of P90X results in women.

Here is what Pink had to say about P90X in her interview.

“Ever hear of P90x? My brother and his wife are both in the Air Force; they do marathons and triathlons. I went to visit and she was doing P90x. I couldn’t keep up with her-and she’s just had her first baby four weeks before. I was like, This is bullshit! I will perfect this thing! So usually, I wake up and do an hour of cardio, then an hour of P90x or yoga, then a half-hour of warm-up. i do that six days a week.

I love it when women have great results with P90X since I receive a lot of questions from women wondering if they will be able to do it. The answer is still YES!  You will tone and tighten all the right places.

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Pink and P90X- Womens Health Magazine

P90X Results in Women | Will P90X Work for Women?

Will P90X Work for Women?

Breaking news: You can now “try” P90X FREE for 30 days with our Beachbody On Demand. You will also have access to other workouts like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, T25, 21 Day Fix Extreme, P90X One on One’s and many others. (great value)

So you are wondering what kind of results women have with the P90X workout?  If you will have good results? Can you even do P90X?  I can’t even do one pull up so will I have good results with P90X ? Do women do P90X?  Well I can answer all of those questions for you.  If you are a woman looking to do P90X, then the answer is yes, you will love your results.  P90X is hard but once you do it you will love your body. You will be burning fat and toning muscle in all the right places.  Don’t worry about those pull ups and push ups you will be gaining strength very quickly.  Even if you can only do 5 push ups and zero pull ups that’s OK, by the end of you 90 days you will be doing more. Yes, women do have awesome results with P90X.

Below are some pictures of some women celebrities who have done P90X and had great results. This list includes Roselyn Sanchez, Poppy Montgomery, Sheryl Crow, Pink and Jennie Garth.

Also check out some of the videos below as women show off  their P90X results and talk about their experience.






So are you ready to start your P90X exercise program?  “Bring It”