p90x-stretch-for-sore-hip-flexorsSo you started your P90X 90 day work out program and you are finding out that everything is sore.  Well what I want to talk about today is your sore hip flexors.  Is it normal for my hip flexors to be this sore while doing P90X?  Which exercise has caused my hip flexors to be so sore?

When I first started P90X my hip flexors were so sore that I could hardly lift my legs for a day or 2.  Keep in mind I was in pretty good shape before I started P90X from lifting weights and running 3-4 times a week.  I was pretty shocked when they got as sore as they did.  I figured with my running there was no way they could get that sore.  Well I guess I was very wrong.  Only exercises I could blame were P90X Ab Ripper X and maybe while doing swing kicks in P90X Plyometrics.  This is what had to cause my hip flexors to be so sore.  Doing the crunchy frog, in and outs and then those bicycles really worked my hip flexors. So if you are wondering if this is normal then my answer is yes. P90X Ab Ripper X will make your hip flexors sore and most likely your abs too.

They are just fine now and do not get sore any more but one thing that I did notice was my back was getting a little sore again. (If you have a sore back you might want to read P90X and Back Pain).  After researching the issue a little bit I decided I really needed to stretch my hip flexors more than I was.  They do get quite the stretch in P90X Yoga X but below are 2 additional stretches I do to help keep my hip flexors loose.  I try and do them daily.  In the first one she says to hold it for a good 10 seconds.  I really feel in order to get the proper benefits from any stretch you need to hold it for 20-30 seconds on each leg and do 3-5 reps. Hope this helps.