Naked Yoga Anyone?

So I was doing some fitness reading the other day and I came across an interesting story or two.  One one them I want to share with you now Naked Yogasince if I have never heard of this and I am pretty sure there are others in the same boat as me and never heard of this as well.  What am I taking about here?  Naked yoga!  That’s right folks, there are places out there where you can take a yoga class in nothing but your birthday suit.  For me, my first exposure of yoga came by means of P90X Yoga X.  That was the first time I have ever done yoga and it was extremely difficult in the beginning.  After a few weeks I did get the hang of it and it felt really good on my sore muscles.

Now I am reading that naked yoga is becoming a mini-phenomenon. Most of the naked yoga classes out there cater to the gay community and can be found in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Chicago.  There are some coed classes out there but the male only gatherings seem to be the trend.

Nude yoga fans say it helps in deepening the yoga practice while building a non-sexual yoga community.  There are many reasons why one would practice nude yoga from looking for a different yoga experience to overcoming body image issues.  Some yoga practitioners just feel that being naked is spiritual and healing.

One thing to be aware of is that most naked yoga classes are not sexual in nature but it is a good idea to get a detailed description before you decide to shed your clothes.  There are some classes out there that will be on the touchy feely side and there are some naked yoga classes that will be very spiritual in nature.  Just call ahead so you know what to expect and are not surprised.

I must say that the thought of a room full of naked guys practicing yoga is not my cup a tea but if it gets people moving more then I am all for it.

P90X Yoga X So you are doing the classic version of P90X and you just finished up day 4, P90X Yoga X and you are wondering if you really have to do it or can you substitute it with something else?  First off let me say this, you are not alone. At first there was nothing at all I liked about Yoga X.  I said to myself “I’m not a pretzel and my body is not supposed to move this way”. but after doing it a few times it did get more manageable and I did realize the benefits from Yoga X.  You should not skip it or substitute it with any other workout.  People often ask if then can do Cardio X or Plyometrics instead and I always say NO. Yoga X is not your standard routine and it preys on your weaknesses.  The fact that it is so difficult right now is the reason you really need to do it.  Yoga X will improve your overall effectiveness and make you less prone to injury.  If you are new to Yoga, just as I was, I am here to tell you to stick with it. You will be amazed at your progress by the end of this 90 day workout.

I think everyone struggles with Yoga X at first so you are not alone but Yoga X is what makes P90X a complete fitness program.  We are so used to running or jumping, pushing or pulling, lifting and squating. P90X  definitely turns all of that upside down with Yoga X. These workouts  were meant to be hard and push you to your limits and let me tell you, they really live up to that.

As Tony Horton would say “Do your best and forget the rest”.  Do what you can. Stretch as low as you can. Hold the poses for as long as you can.  Don’t worry about how long they are holding those poses on the video.  You will work up to that if you stick with it.

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