John Salley Interviews Tony Horton about P90X

Tony Horton sure does know how to to get around.  He travels all around the world doing work outs with the Military, does his P90X One on One work outs in his home, works out on the beach, is on QVC, make appearances for Beachbody events and is always on various morning shows.  Sometimes I think Tony Horton has a body double for the amount of appearances he makes. Heck, when I was at Beachbody corporate back in December he was even there as well.  He must travel at the speed of light and I am sure P90X prepared him for this type of travel. (lol)

In any event, it is awesome to see someone stand behind there product like Tony does.  This guy truly wants to bring fitness to the world and help end this trend of obesity.  Check out ex-Detroit bad boy’s interview with Tony Horton.

Michelle Obama Does P90X

Michelle Obama Does P90XThat’s right, Michelle Obama works out with P90X.  How do I know? I know because the President himself told, Carl Daikeler, the CEO of our awesome company at an event put on by the Democratic National Committee.  It was a dinner event and when President Obama entered the room and shook hands with Carl Daikeler he mentions P90X and the mission that Team Beachbody is on to help stop the trend of obesity in this country and how what we are doing  is very similar to what the First lady is doing with her “Let’s Move campaign“. The president goes on to say that Michelle does P90X and that he can barely keep up with her. In Carl’s blog post he goes on to mention how the President wants to hear more about what Team Beachbody is doing and what we stand for.

It really is awesome to hear things like this about the company you represent. It is nice to know that our company agenda and the White House agenda on health and obesity are so closely related.

Who knows, maybe the Obama family will be in the next P90X infomercial. (Well, I doubt the Secret Service would allow that 🙁 ) Michelle Obama definitely looks in good enough shape to give any P90X grad a run for their money.

If you would like to read how Carl’s whole night went you can check out Carl’s blog.

This is another great example of P90X results in women. Heck, if it is good enough for the first lady then maybe it is good enough for you. I know P90X has put in in the best shape of my life and I still continue to do it to this day. Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Will P90X Help Me Look Better Naked?

Shery Crow P90XWill P90X help me look better naked? Just ask Sheryl Crow, not sure who she is dating at the moment but I am pretty sure he smiles from ear to ear when he looks at her naked. (Remember, Sheryl Crow is 48 year old) You could also ask Jenn Brown from ESPN, Pink, Erin Andrews from ESPN, Roselyn Sanchez and you could even ask Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy.  I bet they were wondering about P90X results in women so they decided to give P90X a go. End result,  all of these women look good. I will even go out on a limb here and say I bet they look good naked.  Why is P90X getting so much press?  Why is everyone (including celebrities and professional sports players) talking about P90X?  Simple, because it works.  You are told what to eat and what to do and the end result is you looking better naked.

Can P90X help you look better naked?  Absolutely without a doubt in my mind you will look and feel awesome after 90 days with P90X.  The best part about P90X is if you are not happy for any reason then just return P90X for a full refund.  How’s that for a guarantee?  Funny thing is that I do not yet have any customers that have returned P90X. To put it plainly, if you do P90X you will look better naked and you will get results.

First thing you have to do is make the decision and commit to the program.  You will also get two free P90X One on One work outs when you buy from my site.  That’s is about a $40 dollar value.

So what are you waiting for.  You want to look better when you drop the towel? Do P90X.

Jim Rome is Doing P90X

Jim Rome Does p90X We have another celebrity doing P90X.  Jim Rome is doing P90X.  I am not to sure he is real happy about it but one thing is for sure, he is being challenged. Maybe he is just not too fond of P90X Yoga X.  He talks about all the downward dogs and all of the poses and says he wants to hit the eject button. Don’t worry Jim, this is exactly how you are supposed to feel the first couple time you are introduced to Yoga. It’s kind of funny because Jim Rome says that even if he had four months to train for the crane pose that he still wouldn’t be able to do it.  Come on Jim, it’s hard but after about your 5th or 6th time with Yoga X I think an athletic guy such as yourself would be able to hold that pose.

He also goes on to talk about P90X plyometrics and how it is beating his a**. He says he doesn’t want to hit the pause button because he doesn’t want the clock to stop.  Funny!

I found these 2 videos on youtube and hopefully they don’t remove them so you all can listen to Mr. Jim Rome on P90X.

Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, Talks P90X and Tony Horton on The Tonight Show

Well P90X is at it again getting recognition from a very unlikely source, the Old Spice guy.  That’s right folks, Isaiah Mustafa was on The Tonight Show on 7-28-10 with the beautiful Eva Mendes and Jay Leno asked Isaiah what he does to stay in shape.  He gave props to P90X and said he works out with Tony Horton and that Tony has him on this crazy diet. Tony told him that he can’t have 5 things.

1. No alcohol

2. No caffeine

3. No processed sugars

4. No gluten

5. Nothing with a face (that’s meat for those of you who are mentally challenged)

Isaiah says “I am fortunate enough to train with Tony Horton”. He meets with Tony 2 times a week but he has been doing the P90X exercise program for over three years and sticking to the nutrition plan.  This has helped transform his body and who knows, that new body is probably how he landed the Old Spice gig.  I think these new commercials will open up Old Spice to a new demographic. Looks like it is not just for older gentlemen anymore. On a horse, in the shower, on an exotic yacht, that Old Spice guy is everywhere.  Remember one thing, he stays in shape with Tony Horton and P90X.

Isaiah has also recently landed a movie gig in “Horrible Bosses” with Jennifer Aniston.  Who knew an Old Spice commercial could lead to the big screen.  Isaiah also talks about P90X in this recent Yahoo news article.

If you want to smell like the Old Spice guy then by all means get yourself a bottle of “Old Spice”, if you want to look like the Old Spice guy then get the P90X exercise program and commit to your fitness.

ESPN’s Erin Andrews Does P90X

Little did I know when I wrote a post back in January about P90X and ESPN that Erin Andrews would be doing P90X.  I kind of had a feeling that the ESPN family did a lot of talking behind the scenes and as we all know when something works as well as P90X does then word travels fast. So now in addition to Erin Andrews we have Jenn Brown, Doug Gottlieb and Brock Huard who have all done P90X. Now we are just waiting on Rachel Nichols. I wonder if she is outside of that circle? I guess time will tell.

Erin says she did P90X with the ESPN guys on the road so I am wondering who will be next from the ESPN family to get results from P90X.  Here is a quote by Erin from US Magazine.

“I also did P90X [an exercise DVD set combining plyometrics, martial arts and yoga] with the ESPN guys on the road,” adds the nondieter, who has even begun indulging in desserts and regular Coke (“because it has more calories!”) to stop shrinking.

I can tell you one thing.  These people from ESPN who have done P90X all look good and look in tremendous shape.  You get results with P90X. There is no disputing that.

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