14 Weight Loss Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

weightloss obstacles

Losing weight is simply not easy and there are just so many obstacles that you have to deal with. Whether it’s as little as six pounds or a body-changing forty pounds, shedding them all will take so much from you including the mental, emotional, and lifestyle changes that you need to make. However, there is no other best time to keel over each one of them but right here, right now. It is really doable as long as you do not stop until you succeed and do not let anything get in your way. With perseverance, you will be able to finally achieve that ideal weight you so desire.

To increase your chances of weight-loss success, you need to reflect a little and think about the possible obstacles that you could face along the way. Then, you can come up with some strategies that will help you overcome them in the most practical way possible. Meanwhile, here are 14 common obstacles that individuals like yourself encounter in their weight management journeys and how to deal with them effectively.

1. No time for exercise

Time is one of most common issues that prevents most people from finally embarking into an exercise program. There’s just so much to do that you can’t find time to exercise. Thing is that, if you do not consider exercise to be top priority and of utmost importance, then you will never have time for it. So the first thing to do to overcome this obstacle is to change your mindset about exercise. Accept the fact that you will never lose weight safely and effectively if you do not make exercise a crucial part of your lifestyle. Exercise plays a major role in weight management that if you are serious about shedding those pounds, then you have to make time for it.

Fit exercise or gym time into your schedule. Besides, you will not only lose weight, but you will be healthier as well. A schedule that is too busy for exercise is unhealthy in a lot of ways. So make it a point to include it like you would a very important appointment for the day. There are also exercises that will give you the maximum in terms of results but require less time from you. High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, is one such exercise program. Compared to the regular, steady-state exercises, you will be able to burn bigger calories per day and some more in the following days after your workout. Beachbody employs the same principle in 22-Minute Hard Corps and Focus T25 where you can get the comparable benefits of an hour’s workout in just 30 minutes. What happens is that, with the varying of intensity levels, the heart also goes up and down, and then up-down again. Consequently, your oxygen consumption increases, post-exercise and more calories get burned even in the days after.

2. Exercise is a drag

An exercise program is typically done via a series of repetitions and the routine can be boring especially if you have been doing it for some time. But don’t let this stop you from hitting the gym because there are so many choices out there for you. Working out should never be a chore because once you feel that it is, then it is not the right one. You have to enjoy what you are doing in order to have the motivation to keep doing it until you reach your weight goals. You simply have to find those activities that you love, vary what you do weekly, or continue to explore various forms that may interest you. There’s the treadmill, kickboxing, line dancing, swimming, mixed martial arts, tennis, yoga, and so much more.

3. Pushing yourself too hard

While others do not really care about exercise, you on the other hand, may be working too hard. There is nothing wrong with working hard because it shows how determined you are to lose weight. However, overdoing it can have adverse effects and even result to injury. In the end, you will only feel frustrated to see that there seems to be not much change on the weighing scale despite all your efforts and everyday workout. Some people even hit a fitness plateau as a result of too much effort and too often.

You will only see desirable change when you do it right. And an effective exercise program includes time for you and your body to recover and regain its strength. It is actually when you rest that muscles build and grow. Consequently, as you go back to your intense workouts after a respite, you will notice a significant increase in your speed as well as efficiency. On the other hand, not resting at all can leave you feeling drained and unable to lift weights for more repetitions. So go ahead take time to rest, make up on sleep, or still workout but make it light and easy. A 3-Week Yoga Retreat from Beachbody can be perfect for some gentle exercises and full body stretches. Maintain balance and achieve maximum results by making recovery an inevitable part of your fitness program.

4. Pain and aching joints

When you are in some kind of pain due to an injury or a chronic problem, it is certainly hard to get out of your way and even think about exercise. But as long as you have your doctor’s approval, it is more helpful to make the smallest of movements compared to none at all. You just have to go low-impact and step it up a bit. Start with exercises that are doable for you such as walking, biking, or swimming, even just for a good half hour. These are more likely to help you burn those calories and shed those pounds than just sitting on your couch doing nothing.

5. Workout and nothing else

Some people think that working out is the only thing that can make them lose all the weight. Truth is that, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes both exercise and a proper diet is what really makes the difference. Research has confirmed that individuals who start out with a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise are more likely to succeed as they are able to maintain this kind of lifestyle over time. Weight loss is mostly a result of dieting and about 40% exercise.

As such, you can workout intensively everyday but end up not shedding any pounds if you fail to follow a diet that will complement your exercise program. It is important to understand that exercise is just part of a whole and the other parts have to be done as well if you are to get to your weight loss goals. So do not rely solely on exercise to lose weight. Adopt healthier eating habits that are geared towards helping you achieve your most desirable body ever.

6. Exercise makes you hungry

If you have been following a strict diet or have been trying to cut on food to lose weight, you might not want to work out as it can cause you to crave for more food. However, the successful principle behind healthy weight loss has to involve both proper nutrition and exercise. As such, you do not have to worry about working out and eating more because what really matters is the amount and kind of food that you eat that will result in maximum weight loss. In fact, depriving yourself of food will take its toll sooner and will only make you go back to your nasty old eating habits.

The key is to load up on foods that are filling but have low calorie counts such as lean protein, veggies, fruits, and whole grains. They have to be rich in protein and fiber so that you feel full longer as digestion is slowed down. Non-starchy vegetables are also very helpful in this sense and it can include squash, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. To make them more flavorful, you can add some spices and vinegar’s, or roast them if you like them caramelized and sweet. The fiber content and water is sure to fill you up. Plus, it can also give you lots of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

7. Too busy to cook

One of the primary reasons why most individuals gain a lot in the first place is that, they are fond of consuming instant and processed food. However, if you want to be successful at losing weight, you have to do just the opposite and invest time in preparing your very own weight loss-designed food. It doesn’t have to take you hours though. You just need to plan ahead so that you can fit it right into your schedule and get into the habit of eating fresh, healthy food at the right proportions.

Plan your meals and snacks for the day or for the week before you go hungry and reach for a bag of junk food. Clear your cupboard and fridge from everything that will hinder your weight loss. Stock up on healthier choices and ingredients. Instead of ordering takeout, try tossing your favorite main course salad and enjoy a scrumptious meal without the guilt. Check out some recipes that are quick, tasty, and doable for you so that you can follow through on them.

8. Healthy food tastes bland and boring

Try eating leafy green vegetables for a week and you will soon feel like you’re turning into a goat. Healthy food can taste boring especially when you are used to savory, processed, frozen, or canned ones with high-salt or sugar content. However, you have two critical choices here: one is to continue eating those delicious, sinful foods and gain more weight; or two, do everything you can to make healthy food more palatable for you while losing weight at the same time. If you are more excited to see a sexier body this time, then it will take patience and some experimenting on your end.

Healthier food can taste different at first but over time, you will find that you can enjoy them too. This is especially when you are able to explore tastier ways of cooking them such as using spices to boost its natural flavor. So yes, how bland or delicious they taste is up to you as you try to learn the basics of cooking them tastefully, and then experimenting a bit till you achieve the flavor that suits you best. Keep trying new recipes and ways of cooking when you feel like you can’t take anymore of the healthier foods that you have been preparing. Who knows, broccoli might just become your next favorite thing.

9. Going healthy is expensive

The first thing that might come to mind after you finally decide to eat healthy is that, organic produce is expensive! Fortunately for you, it’s not your only choice. One smart move is to go for fruits and vegetables that are in-season because it would mean that plenty would be available and that they would be cheaper. Frozen veggies are also good options as typically, they are as nutritious as the fresh ones. Going vegetarian is another wise choice for those on a budget. You can consume more plant-based protein over meat, which can be costly. Moreover, preparing your own meals at home is far more budget-friendly compared to eating outside. In the long run, investing in your health today means tons of savings in the future. Paying for a fresh chicken salad over a fast food meal will save you tons in health-related expenses later.

10. Resisting temptation is just too hard

You know yourself better and if you are aware about how weak you can be in the face of temptation, then this is what you need to prepare for ahead of time. Your willpower and determination to stay true to your diet program is going to be constantly tested and you have to pass the test each time. Think about those times when you have to be outside of the house, with loved ones or friends, having a good time. Plan your defense before going out and know exactly what to order, gulp on a filling healthy shake beforehand, or bring some healthy snacks to munch on.

For support, tell whoever it is you’re meeting up with about your weight goals so that they can help you choose healthier choices instead of letting you give in to the temptation. For office birthdays, happy hours, and other tempting occasions, have the willpower to resist eating too much or just have a taste or a spoonful of your favorite food to satisfy your cravings but still stick to your diet program.

11. Lacking in follow-through

It’s easy to be excited and all pumped up at the start of a new endeavor especially when it involves losing weight to get a sexier body for a wedding or a high school reunion. But when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going while the rest fail to follow through on their weight loss agenda. As such, it is important to have the right motivation from the start and be able to set short-term as well as long-term goals. In this way, when the excitement wears off, you will still have more than enough reason to push through with what you have planned and not end gaining back what you have worked so hard for to lose.

Wearing that bikini for the summer is a good short-term goal but avoiding health problems encountered by other family members can be a source of strong and serious long-term motivation. To keep yourself motivated, it is also advisable to create daily goals with corresponding immediate rewards. Say for instance, if you are able to finish a cardio workout for a consistent 30 minutes for the whole week, you get to see your favorite movie for the weekend. If you are the competitive type, you can challenge yourself by joining marathons and ending the race with a gold medal. Losing weight in this sense, isn’t anymore your end goal but a start to a long-term lifestyle enhancement.

12. Past failed attempts holding you back

Failure can wear you down. Numerous failed attempts can literally make you feel ashamed of yourself. But if you just dwell on how much you have failed in the past, then it is going to continue to haunt you down and success will never be a part of you. On the other hand, you can turn those failures around and turn them into stepping stones for success. Besides, you cannot really call it a definite failure unless you have given up and quit for good. So the key is not to quit, but to keep trying until you have succeeded. To ensure your success this time, check back and reflect on what specific obstacles you have encountered previously and think up some strategies to counter each one as you plunge into a new attempt. There are no guarantees, but you can choose to be stronger with each failure, get back up, and fight another day.

13. Punishing goals and impossible deadlines

You can only lose a certain number of pounds each week or each month and you are already punishing yourself unnecessarily if you push beyond that. This will be bad for your motivation and self-worth. Weight loss is certainly not an overnight thing and you should remember too, that you spent years of unhealthy habits to gain that much weight in the first place. Be a friend to yourself and set only realistic goals and reasonable deadlines. Don’t wait too long before you start on a program when your sister’s wedding is just a month away.

Plan at least a year ahead to help yourself and your body adjust to the new activities and eating habits. Do not lose hope when you don’t get to a certain weight at a specific date. Instead, make your progress slow, but steady and sure. It is no use going yoyo with your weight because that can pose serious damage to your health. Do research as to which kinds of food and exercise routine can help you lose weight effectively according to your individual characteristics. Consult a weight management expert if you have to so you can help yourself.

14. Getting stuck in a plateau

A plateau can be equally frustrating as gaining more weight than you desire. It’s like sacrificing so much and working hard for nothing. Come to think of it however, there must be something to what you are currently doing that has made you reach that point. Impatience over a plateau will certainly not help in this case. Health experts believe that reaching a plateau is part of the weight loss cycle. It could be the body’s natural reaction or it could be that you have slackened in following your program to the letter. Whatever the reason may be, this is no cause for quitting but a signal to recheck your current activities and see where you might need to improve. Extend your patience and just focus on your goal.

As a whole, obstacles are there for you to overcome. Take them as a challenge, work hard to overcome them, and you will find success to be your sweetest victory ever.

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