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Beachbody Streaming Workouts

UPDATE: Beachbody On Demand is available NOW and FREE to try out for 30 days!

Our Beachbody workouts are about to get a whole lot more exciting.  Why you might ask? Well, starting in the spring of 2015 you will now be able to stream workouts like

  • P90X
  • P90X2
  • P90X3
  • Insanity
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • ChaLean Extreme
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Insanity: Asylum
  • Insanity: Asylum Volume 2
  • TurboFire
  • RevAbs
  • Slim in 6
  • Rockin’ Body
  • Turbo Jam
  • Power 90
  • Yoga Booty Ballet
  • Tai Cheng
  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • 12 P90X One on One workouts(like 30-15 Upper Body Massacre, Bun Shaper, Killer Abs, Super Cardio etc) and many others. (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Plus you will be able to sample the some other programs like 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Piyo, Body Beast, Insanity Max:30, P90, Slim in 6 and Focus T25.
  • And many others.

That’s over $3100 in workouts and you get access to them all for $2.99 a week. WOW, what a deal!   All you have to do is be a Team Beachbody Club member and you will have access to all of these workouts via your mobile devices, phone, tablet, laptop etc.

It looks like March 2015 is the target date for the launch of this streaming product. Beachbody On Demand is available NOW! It will be tested by our coaches in January and February to make sure it is running smoothly before it will be released to the masses.

You might be wondering what is a Team Beachbody Club Membership?

The Team Beachbody Club helps members reach their health and fitness goals 3 times faster than non-members. When you’re part of the Team Beachbody community, you have all of the tools, support and accountability you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Club membership gives access to awesome discounts, personalized meal plans, VIP access to celebrity trainers and Beachbody experts, me for guidance and support, and so much more! But starting now, you’ll get all of this PLUS unlimited access to hundreds of workouts in our digital library via Beachbody On Demand. And it gets even better, each month we’ll be adding new workouts as well as sneak peeks and exclusive access to new programs. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s time to join the Club, and it’s all yours for only $2.99 USD a week!

Yes, I know what you are thinking. What a deal!!! $2.99 a week and I get access to all of these workouts? That’s over $1000 dollars worth of workouts at your fingertips. Take your tablet to your gym and do your workouts there or anywhere for that matter. On vacation? No problem, you can stream your works there too. Plus you will be able to try multiple workouts that you might not have purchased.

Check out this video below.

General Questions

Q. Will the price of the Club membership increase?

A. The price is not increasing in Spring 2015, but may increase in the future.

Q. Will a customer need to buy the fitness program to stream?

A. No. Programs inside the digital library come with paid membership.

Q. Will streaming workouts be available on too?

A. No. They are exclusive to TeamBeachbody Club members.

Q. Will Club members be able to stream workouts internationally?

A. Yes. They can stream abroad with a valid internet connection.

Q. Will free members have access to stream workouts?

A. No, but they can upgrade to paid Club membership easily. CLICK HERE to upgrade.

Q. Will there be an extra cost per workout watched?

A. No. Unlimited access will be included in Club membership at no extra cost.

Q. Will the workouts be closed-captioned?

A. No, not at this time

Q. What languages will workouts be available in?

A. All videos will be in English at this time.

Q. Will the videos be available to stream in HD?

A. Yes, as long as the computer/device supports HD.

Q. Must the nutrition & program guides be purchased separately?

A. No.  The guides will be available to view & download for each program on the
Beachbody On Demand web page

Q. Will an IOS or Android App be available?

A. No. Workouts will play on mobile devices via a browser.

Q. Will the workouts be available on ITunes, Amazon Prime etc.?

A. No. They will only be available to Club members on

Q. Will the workouts be available to download and watch offline?

A. No. An internet connection will be required to stream workouts.

Q. Will Flash Player be required to play a workout?

A. No. Flash will not be required to play a workout.

If you are ready to get started with your Club Membership today just CLICK HERE to get started.

And if you would like to get started with a free membership for now and upgrade when the streaming is available then you can CLICK HERE for your free account. You will still have access to tons of features on out Team Beachbody site.

Rachael Loses 37 lbs with Shaun T’s Insanity

Rachael Loses 37 lbs with Shaun T’s Insanity

Want to try Insanity for 30 days for FREE? Check out our Beachbody On Demand Streaming membership.

 I love sharing these Insanity results with the world. I greatly improved my cardio shape when I went through my 60 days of Insanity but it is always nice to show other people’s results too. Rachael really toned up during her Insanity challenge and it just goes to show you the progress you can make when you decide to stay fit, commit and stay consistent.

If you would like more information on Shaun T’s Insanity just click here.

If you have done Insanity and are looking for something to take you to the next level then check out Insanity: The Asylum.

Even though there are thousands of results scattered across the internet people still ask does that Insanity stuff really work?  As you can see from Rachael’s results above, yes, Insanity works.  The Insanity program comes with a nutrition guide so you know what to eat every day and you will know what work out to do every ay as well.  When you follow the plan you will get results. How fast will those results come??  Well, that is different for everyone. One thing I know for sure is if you don’t change something then nothing will change.  Are you ready to change???

If it doesn’ t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

Let’s do this.



FREE Shaun T Fast and Furious Insanity Work Out

Free Insanity Fast and Furious Work OutFREE Insanity work out?

Update: How would you like to try Insanity FREE for 30 days? Checkout our Beachbody On Demand Streaming.

Maybe you are just looking for Shaun T’s Fast and Furious Insanity work out. Well I have good news for you you can get them both right here from this site and when you purchase Insanity you will get the Fast and Furious work out for FREE. Yes, FREE, no gimmicks. This is one of the benefits when you purchases from a Team Beachbody coach.

Order Insanity with FREE Bonus Work Out Now

If you are reading this then I am pretty sure you are familiar with Shaun T’s Insanity and how extreme it is. if for some reason you are not familiar with Insanity and you are looking for some information you get look at some past Insanity post at Insanity Archives.

Order Insanity with FREE Bonus Work Out Now

Insanity: Fast and Furious is designed to give you a 45 minute work out in under 20 minutes. If you are pressed for time and need something short but intense then Fast and Furious is the work out you are looking for. You will get Diamond Jumps, Plank Squats, Ski Abs, 123 Heisman, High Knee Rope Skipping and others. Yes, you will be sweating and gasping for air in the true tradition of Insanity. 🙂

Remember, if you are looking for extreme cardio and looking for some intense training that will leave you staring at a pool of your own sweat then Insanity is for you. No equipment needed except for the will power to make it through 60 days with Shaun T.

If you would like to combine Insanity with Shakeology which will be your healthiest meal of the day and save over $50.00 then check out our Insanity Challenge Pack.

Beachbody Coaches Work Out Live with Tony Horton in the Bahamas (P90X)

Tony Horton & Jeff OchoaIf you have ever wanted to work out live with Tony Horton (the creator of P90X), one of the best and easiest ways to do it is to become a Beachbody coach and earn your way there.  This is exactly what I did.  We spent five days at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas courtesy of Beachbody.  I helped enough people start to change their live and in the process earned a trip to the Bahamas. Not too shabby considering that this is more fun than it is work. The work out was definitely surreal. We were on the beach in the Bahamas, palm trees in the background and yachts cruising by while working out with Tony Horton. Totally awesome.  You could also have worked out with Shaun T right before Tony but we were up a little late to make it to Shaun’s work out. Tony Horton, Shaun T and Leandro Carvahlo all led work outs on 2 days so you could choose which ones you wanted to attend or attend all of them if you wanted to. Right after each work out Shakeology was served for every one and they had all the flavors, Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry and Greenberry.

We also seen Tony Horton at the pool and walking around the resort and let me just say this, he is a really nice guy and tries to accommodate everyone.  Always polite, always send hi and if he had time, always took a picture. This is the second time I have met him and both times were a pleasure. It makes me proud to promote his work outs to people to help them change their lives.

This trip was pretty intimate.  You could rub elbows with the corporate people of Beachbody, the celebrity trainers such as Tony Horton, Shaun T and Leandro Carvahlo and of course other coaches who have earned their way to the Bahamas too.  There was a welcome dinner the first night and then nights after that as well. There were panels, trainings, social media training, trainer panels and more. The only thing I didn’t like about the trip was leaving!!!

Right about now you might be wondering if this “Beachbody coach” thing is something you can do? My answer to almost everyone I speak with is an emphatic YES. This business is probably not what you think and offers more than you know right now. It’s not about selling stuff it’s about helping some people change their lives and then they help some others change their lives. This is how we are going to end the trend of obesity. One person at a time. Do you like fitness?  Do you know some people who could use some fitness in their lives? Could you use some extra money? Do you know anyone that could use some extra money? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you and I should be talking. Just click on the contact us tab above for my number and give me a ring.  Just by helping people I was able to turn this into a full time income and I am sure you can do the same. The ball is in your court now so what you do right now could alter the rest of your life. At least get the information from me. It doesn’t cost anything to get informed. 🙂

Below are a couple clips from our morning work out with Tony Horton.


And here is some more fun we had on this amazing trip.  Thanks Beachbody!!

Posted by Jeff Ochoa on Monday, March 26, 2012

and a little fun with the sharks.  Just think, we hopped in this water shortly after this and went snorkeling.

Sharks, Sharks, SharksI can’t believe we snorkeled in this water after this.

Posted by Jeff Ochoa on Monday, March 26, 2012

Shaun T’s Insanity en Espanol- Insanity is Now Available in Spanish

Shaun T Insanity en Espanol

Buy Shaun T Insanity

Nuevo bono exclusivo Rápido y Frenético de ejercicios INSANITY®… ¡disponible en Team Beachbody®!

Yes, you can now get Shaun T’s Insanity en Espanol.  Insanity is an awesome work out in English and it is an awesome work out in Spanish. Actually, Insanity is an awesome work out in any language.

Sí, usted puede ahora conseguir la locura Shaun T en Español. La locura es una obra impresionante en Inglés y es un trabajo increíble en español. En realidad, la locura es una obra impresionante en cualquier idioma.

Si usted está listo para tomar su aptitud para el siguiente nivel después Insanity Shaun T es para usted. Esto será muy probablemente el trabajo más duro de 60 días a lo que has hecho. No hay pesas, equipo que no, sólo a ti mismo, y Shaun T willl el de “profundizar” y lograr que se haga.

Comprar Insanity en español ahora

Transforma tu cuerpo en 60 días con el programa de ejercicios más intenso que jamás se haya puesto en un DVD. Shaun T te llevará más allá de tus límites para lograr tener el cuerpo más duro y fibroso que hayas tenido en toda tu vida.

Programa de Acondicionamiento para Todo el Cuerpo en 60 Días

Tu entrenador físico personal Shaun T te ayuda a superar tus propios límites con 10 discos llenos de ejercicios cardio y pliométricos con intervalos de entrenamiento de fuerza, potencia, resistencia y para el centro del cuerpo. No se necesitan equipos ni pesas y no debes estar en la mejor forma para hacerlo. Siempre que estés dispuesto a entrenar con locura, Shaun te ayudará a obtener resultados increíbles en tan solo 60 días.

Esto es lo que obtienes:

10 Ejercicios de Locura

    • De Locura y Prueba Física. Para comenzar, Shaun pondrá tu cuerpo a prueba para saber cuál es tu condición física. (30 min.)
    • Circuito Pliométrico Cardio. Quema grasa con intervalos de ejercicios pliométricos intensos para la parte inferior del cuerpo y cardio para sudar. (42 min.)
    • Fuerza y Resistencia Cardio. Logra fibra muscular y definición de la parte superior del cuerpo con movimientos de potencia y entrenamiento de fortalecimiento. (40 min.)
    • Recuperación Cardio. Shaun lo hace un poco más fácil una vez por semana para que estés listo para la siguiente ronda. (33 min.)
    • Puro Cardio y Abdominales Cardio. Saltea los intervalos: este es ejercicio sin pausa extremo. (55 min.)
    • Cardio y Equilibrio para el Centro. Toma un descanso después del primer mes y prepárate para el segundo mes con estos ejercicios. (37 min.)
    • Circuito a Intervalos Max y Prueba Física. Este circuito a intervalos es más intenso que cualquier otra cosa que hayas hecho antes. (86 min.)
    • Pliométrico a Intervalos Max. Trabaja las piernas hasta que pidan piedad con ejercicios pliométricos y de potencia al MÁXIMO. (55 min.)
    • Cardio Max y Abdominales Cardio. Exígete al límite con esto ejercicio cardio extremo. (65 min.)
  • Recuperación Max. Descansa y acumula fuerza para otra ronda con movimientos y estiramientos intensos. (47 min.)

Además, obtén estos 4 regalos gratis:

    • Plan Nutricional Elite. Un plan de comidas diseñado específicamente para darle energía a tu cuerpo para que puedas hacer estos ejercicios intensos.
    • Guía de Ejercicio. Es corta y precisa, y contiene sólo la información que necesitas. Queremos que hagas ejercicios, no que leas.
    • Calendario INSANITY®. Te permite controlar tu progreso a lo largo de Mes 1 y el Mes 2, establecer objetivos de ejercicio y mantener la motivación todo el tiempo. Además, el Control para la prueba física controla los resultados a medida que transformas tu cuerpo.
  • Herramientas GRATIS de Apoyo en Línea. Mantente inspirado mediante el contacto permanente con expertos en ejercicio y el apoyo de compañeros.

Ejercicio extra disponible en Team Beachbody®:

  • Rápido y Frenético. Cuando tienes poco tiempo, pide el ejercicio de 45 minutos comprimido en 20 minutos con este ejercicio INSANITY extra disponible solo en Team Beachbody.

Obtén resultados increíbles o te devolvemos tu dinero.
Tienes 30 días para probar INSANITY. Si no estás totalmente satisfecho por algún motivo, simplemente comunícate con el Servicio al cliente para devolverlo dentro de los 30 días y obtener un reembolso total por el precio de compra, menos costos de envío y manejo. Sin preguntas.

Comprar Insanity en español ahora


Am I Too Old for Shaun T’s Insanity?

Am I too old for Shaun T’s Insanity? Well this is a loaded question and I am sure you will get 5 different answers if you ask 5 different people. If you ask me I am going to say that I don’t think you are too old to do anything you put your mind to. yes, I know I am only 39 years old and I am really hoping that my attitude does not change when i am 79.  The one caveat I would like to include would be to go and see your doctor and get a physical and the green light before starting Insanity. Insanity is definitely extreme cardio and will definitely get your heart pumping.  On that note, if you want to get in some awesome cardio shape then Insanity is for you. All you need is “you” and the will power to get through these work outs for the next 60 days. Yes, I did Insanity and I am 39 but take a look at Teresa’s story below and see what a little determination will get you. Keep in mind she was 50 when she did her first round of Insanity. Yes the big 5-0. Whether you think you CAN or you CAN’T, you are usually right. Don’t let a little thing like someone saying “Insanity is too hard” stop you. So are you too old for Shaun T’s Insanity????  Well, I say HELL NO!!!

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