How Long are the Hammer and Chisel Workouts?

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Are you thinking about tackling the new Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout program? Are you wondering how long the Hammer and Chisel workouts are? Looking for the Hammer and Chisel Workout Calendar? Well you have come to the right place. If you need the calendar just click on the image above and you can download the Hammer and Chisel calendar in pdf format.  First off let me say, I really love these workouts but I will save my review for another post so I get get you the info you are looking for now which is the length of the Hammer and Chisel workouts.

All of the Hammer and Chisel workouts range between 25 and 45 minutes with the exception of 10 Minute Ab Chisel and 10 Minute Ab Hammer but these workouts are not done alone, they are always done in conjunction with another workout. If you ordered your package from a Beachbody coach (like myself) then you also received a FREE bonus workout, The Master’s Cardio which is just over 17 minutes long. If you ordered the Deluxe package then you also received 4 additional workouts and 2 of them are add on workouts as well. 15 Minute Leg Hammer and 15 Minute Glute Chisel. Hammer and Chisel is a 60 day program and you can check out the calendar above to see what your schedule will look like. Also, just because this is a 60 day program this does not mean that you are in for 60 days and done. Many people of gone on to do multiple rounds of Hammer and Chisel to improve on their results even more.

autumn and sagi-hammer and chiselBelow you will see the length of all of the Hammer and Chisel workouts.

Safety Video 3:17
Chisel Balance 41:05
ISO Strength Chisel 36:39
Chisel Endurance 36:55
Chisel Cardio 39:00
Chisel Agility 38:29
Total Body Chisel 36:04
Hammer Plyometrics 26:29
ISO Speed Hammer 24:11
Total Body Hammer 43:48
Max Hammer Strength 36:53
Hammer Power 39:10
Hammer Conditioning 30:42
10 Min Ab Chisel 10:56
10 Min Ab Hammer 12:29
The Master’s Cardio 17:38
Hammer Build Up 32:59
Power Chisel 30:16
15 Min Leg Hammer 18:41
15 Min Glute Chisel 17:53

As you can see the longest workout is Total Body Hammer which is 43:48 minutes long so even those with the busiest of schedules will be able to fit these amazing workouts in. Your average workout time will be about 35 minutes and Hammer and Chisel is a 6 days on and 1 rest day. Don’t let the length of the workouts fool you, they are tough, each and every one of them. If you have not workouts in awhile I would not suggest starting with Hammer and Chisel for your “Ali like” return to the ring. Yes, there is a modifier but these workouts are tough and there is a better option if you are just getting started.

Hammer and Chisel Time Commitment

Now that you know how long the Hammer and Chisel workouts are will you be taking the plunge? Are you ready to commit, on average 35 minutes a day, for the next 60 days, for a more fit, healthier you? I hope you say  YES and I promise you will not be disappointed. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Ready to get started?

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